Flood of pictures


Flood of pictures

Join in and take part in this year's photo festival with your own photos on the topic of "disappearing".

Everyone can upload a maximum of three photos between 30.08. and 15.09.2019. These will be presented during the "Night of Photography" on 21.09.2019 at "Flood of pictures" ("Bilderfluten"): At one of the up to ten planned exhibition venues, your photos will "flicker" across the monitor (at least) between 19:30 and 21:30. >> here.

Visitors to "The Night of Photography" will choose the "crowd favorite" from all the photos presented at up to ten planned exhibition venues.

The photos can be uploaded to https://fotofestival-goerlitz.eu (30.08.- 15.09.2019).

A maximum of 300 photos can be presented during the "flood of pictures" campaign, so from 30.08. you can secure your pole position and take part :-) .

Please make a note and "save the date": 
"Night of Photography" on 21.09.2019, from 18:30
30.08. - 15.09.2019 ** Upload pictures
21.09.2019 ** Presentation (Night of Photography)

Disappearing as mode of photography, photographing against disappearing, transformations as a medium of photography, disappearance in a picture ... .

"Disappearing" is this year's focus at the fifth Görlitz Photo Festival "Schauplätze / Venues". Disapearing is what holds the world together inside. It is more than just "coming" and "going". Disappearing means "experiencing", "understanding", learning from the past and exploring new paths.

The Görlitz Photo Festival addresses the topic of disappearance in its numerous colours and facets. Discover with us mysterious moments, view the past, present and future in a new perspective and context. And remember: " disappearing " is always one more reason to take part at Görlitz Photo Festival, now!

Photos can be uploaded here ... .

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