abandoned – forgotten – disappeared

Photographs by Peter Schröter – virtual exhibition

As part of the Görlitz photo festival “Schauplätze” the exhibition will be shown from 20.10. – 28.11.20 in the virtual exhibition centre “Kunstbastei Hotherturm”.

From 21.10.20 here (Kunstbastei Hotherturm – a new tab / a new browser window opens) .

Copyright Peter Schröter

abandoned – forgotten – disappeared

The exhibition consists of two parts: Photographic views of how people shape their environment in order to adapt and “cultivate” it for themselves. Be it the picture with holiday dreams on the wall above the desk, personal memories on the cupboard door or even the flower cane in the workshop. In addition, architectural photographs that show how many years ago things were built “with love for details”: There is the shed roof (sawtooth roof), the pompous staircase or the solid wood office furniture. Today, the focus is often on practicality with a tendency to “cheap and fast”.

Photographs were taken in places that no one goes to anymore: Documented to preserve them visually, because not everything can be put in a museum and not everything can become a museum.


Peter Schröter (*1964 in Waldheim / Central Saxony) is a professional maintenance technician. Photography ?! Somewhere in the 1970s everything started with a “Werra II” camera. In 1987 the first SLR camera, a “MTL 5B”, was added. With the Pentax K10D, a digital SLR camera, the switch to digital photography took place.

Presentations ?! In 1993 there was a photo documentation of the Waldheim bypass during construction. In 2008, there was the first contact with a closed-down production facility. Since then, there were regular tours to capture photographs of abandoned places. From 2015, portrait photography was added as a further field of activity, here especially with “Close up” and “Available Light”. Exhibition projects in 2009, 2011 and 2018.