After the Show – virtual Exhibition

After the Show – Claudia Glatz

Virtual Exhibition


The heat is still in the auditorium. The warmth of so many people. And the light is still on – colourful. The music is still in my head. A strange atmosphere. Dismantling is about to begin.

In times of Corona, larger events are not possible in principle, which is why this series of photos commemorates the many cultural events that cannot take place at present. There will be better times again, if we all pay attention, I am looking forward to them!


Claudia Glatz, Görlitz hub. Since my childhood I have been interested in photography, first using a simple “rip-ratchet camera”, later occasionally experimenting in black and white. I regularly take photos since the switch to digital technology. In the meantime, I am again active with analogue techniques and learning alternative processes.

Selected activities:
– 2010, 2011 – co-organising the FVKS Photo Contest “Unterwegs” (“On the Road”)
– Since 2014 – photographically documenting events at the Neisse Film Festival
– Since 2015 – Görlitz Photo Festival, member of the organisational team
– Own works have been presented in smaller group exhibitions