Group exhibition

The exhibition is open to visitors from 10.09. – 04.10.20 in the Creative Centre of the Görlitz Adult Education Centre (Volkshochschule Görlitz), Hainwald 8, Görlitz, Mon to Thu 9:00-17:00.

Organiser: Volkshochschule Görlitz

Titelbild: Harry Beer


When the “lockdown” was declared in Germany, that changed everything. For many people on site, life stood still and so did the city.

In spring 2020, the Adult Education Centre Görlitz (Volkshochschule) called for pictures that show the unusual everyday life at “lockdown”: scenes that seemed strange, frightening, but also had an aura of calm, captured by a mobile phone or camera. How “cultivated” Görlitz presented itself in lockdown times, becomes visible in many different ways.