Colour glass factory Reichenbach – virtual Exhibition

Colour glass factory Reichenbach – Wolfgang Blachnik

Virtual Exhibition


Glass – transparent or opaque, malleable or brittle.

In 1984 I observed some people at the glassworks in Reichenbach / O.L. (Saxonia, DE), who – with their skills – gave this material a new look and prestige.

Rather than the technical processes, I was impressed by the outdated working conditions under which the production took place. Not to mention the employees, young and older, who nevertheless did their job with pleasure and commitment.


Wolfgang Blachnik (*1952) worked at Hagenwerder power station. At “Fotoklub Energie” – initiated by Bernd Schnabel – he was also able to share, compare and improve his photographic work with others. Joint projects were developed and realised, including “Women in Shift”.

In 1989 he turned to photography as a profession. Besides commissioned works he always kept space for his own ideas and their realisation.