Cultural landscapes in infrared – virtual Exhibitin

Cultural landscapes in infrared – Stefan Müller

Virtual Exhibition


Infrared photography is an extended observation space and not visible to the human eye. This light-space only becomes perceptible when using a “filter”.

Cultural landscapes have been around since man has interfered and shaped nature according to his ideas: Landscapes that are created by working the soil and sowing of seeds to determine what will grow there. Man is planting trees where he likes them to be, he cuts down forests where he does not want them to remain, he puts up windmills to capture energy …

For his reflective presentation, the artist chooses places that have been transformed by people. Whether it is by regulating the course of brooks and rivers, quarrying granite, fetching coal from the depths or ploughing up the soil for growing grain. For thousands of years, humans have been changing the landscape up to the complete destruction of natural habitat. Mankind has termed this process “cultivating”.


Stefan Müller was born in Görlitz and has been a hobby photographer since his childhood. His focus is on both, black and white as well as infrared photography.