Virtual showrooms – "Galerie V."

The virtual exhibitions can be viewed online at any time during the specified period.


Sönke C. Weiss – Where is Gulu?

From 1987 to 2006 Northern Uganda suffered from a terrible civil war, which worldwide wasn't hardly noticed. The centre of the conflict was Gulu. Since 2003 the author has been photographically documenting this city and its way back to peace.

10.09. - 01.11.20 here >> Gulu virtual

Extended until 28.11.2020 !


Peter Oltmanns – digiART

"Composing" offers the artist an opportunity to create images that do not exist in reality: Different elements can be combined to form a picture and thus tell stories or convey messages - sometimes humorous, sometimes thoughtful.

12.09. - 01.11.20 here >> digiART virtual

Extended until 28.11.2020 !


Regina Susanne Borchert – SUMMER SNOW FROM YESTERDAY

The light-table collages not only tell timeless stories of childhood and growing up, they also shed light on the inner and outer dynamics of the parent-child relationship along with the desire to take the viewer on a journey to their own venues.


12.09. - 01.11.20 here >> SUMMER SNOW virtual

Extended until 28.11.2020 !


anapix fototeam – "cultivated!"

The anapix fototeam is a team consisting of members of the organisers of this year's Görlitz photo festival "Schauplätze".

18.09. - 01.11.20 here:

Volker Bachschneider >> Flash Dance virtual
Wolfgang Blachnik >> Colour glass factory Reichenbach virtual
Claudia Glatz >> After the Show virtual
Stefan Müller >> Cultural landscapes in infrared virtual

Extended until 28.11.2020 !

Bilderfluten ** Powódź obrazów ** Flood of pictures

Flood of pictures – an action within the 6th Görlitz photo festival "Venues".

30.10. - 01.11.20 here: >> Video [Redirection to YouTube]