About the Festival

Görlitz Photo Festival “Schauplätze / Venues“ – about history

Already in 2015 the first festival “Schauplätze” took place, organized by a small group of five to six people comprising members of “Görlitz Museum of Photography” (Fotomuseum), the “Görlitzer Fototreff” and the “Förderverein Kulturstadt Görlitz-Zgorzelec e.V.” (FVKS), who took care of the organisation of the event on a voluntary and part-time basis.

In the years that followed, the variety of exhibitions and venues grew, as did the accompanying programme. Workshops, contests and other participatory events were added. The festival could be further anchored in the European City of Görlitz-Zgorzelec through various partnerships.

In 2020, the festival with numerous exhibitions and a widespread accompanying programme focuses on the topic of “cultivated!”.