Photographs by Paweł Dusza & Friends

The exhibition is open for vistors from 15.09. – 25.09.20 at Zielone Wiosła, Popiełuszki Jerzego, bł. ks, PL – Sieniawka.

An exhibition at the Neisse Film Festival 2020.

19.09. 18:00 Vernissage featuring “Black & Blondi”

Copyright Paweł Dusza


Multifaceted photos on the subject of film are presented in the series “Beautiful People” as well as subtle portraits, shot with analogue lenses (M42) and arranged in shades of grey. The exhibition also showcases images by invited photographers from Poland and abroad, including members of the Photographers’ Society Bełchatów and the Bogatynia Photographic Section of the BG Flash Group. This group of enthusiasts, whose founder and chairman is Paweł Dusza, was established in 2019.