Hong Kong [before anger]

Photographs by André Leischner

As part of the Görlitz photo festival “Schauplätze”, the exhibition is open to visitors from 04.10 – 01.11.20 in the gallery of the Fotomuseum, Löbauer Straße 7, Görlitz, Tue to Sun from 12:00-16:00.

Copyright André Leischner
Hong Kong [before anger]

Through nude and people photography I have been friends with the Hong Kong born model Dorothy Chiu for several years . At the beginning of 2018 we had the idea to explore Hong Kong photographically. We shot more than 1,000 photographs, which show many small details and facets of the city and its people. Very quickly I realised that what my image of this city had been until then, although not false, was only a really small fraction of the very ambivalent reality. I also portrayed some Hong Kong people outdoors, which resulted in very direct and versatile portraits.

Although Dorothy showed me a lot of things that indicated a certain social unrest, at that time I didn’t realise what would happen there just one year later. In the end, this was also the reason for me to select a small selection of pictures that roughly reflected my perception of the city.


Born 1978 in Zwickau (Saxonia), he studied architecture at the Technical University (TU) Dresden and the WH Zwickau.

2003, entry into semi-professional photography, especially portrait, nude, people. Photo projects – among others – with “Mondstaubtheater Zwickau”, with numerous models of the national and international independent photo scene. From 2010, part-time work as freelance photographer. From 2012, photo trips to Norway, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Denmark and Hong Kong. In 2016, he starts running an own photo studio in Zwickau, since 2018, theatre photographer at the Plauen-Zwickau Theatre.