Photographs by Richard Thieler

The exhibition is open for visitors from 10.09. – 20.10.20 at KULTURCAFÉ “Alte Bäckerei”, Am Sportplatz 3, DE – Großhennersdorf, Tue – Thurs. 19.00 – 24.00, Fri. – Sat. 19.00- 01.00, Sun / holydays 10.00-14.00 and 18.00 – 24.00 and from 24.09. – 20.10.20 at Městské divadlo, CZ – Varnsdorf.

An exhibition at the Neisse Film Festival 2020.

24.09. 18:00 Městské divadlo, Varnsdorf – Music: “EVAN”, 18:45 Artist talk with Richard Thieler
25.09. 18:00 KULTURCAFÉ “Alte Bäckerei” Großhennersdorf – Artist talk with Richard Thieler

Copyright Richard Thieler


Cinema facades. The photographs illustrate places that are appreciated by many, but less and less visited: movie theatres and palaces. Regardless of whether the cinemas are located in the big city or in the countryside, they all share the same fate: often orphaned during the day, with only a few announcements, their architectural shells are illuminated in the evening and people fill the place with life.

Collecting and documenting facades tells us – besides an individual architectural history – much more about our social relationship to the “culture of seeing”. During the festival, selected works celebrate the movie theatre as a place of culture, encounter and cinematography.