Life on the countryside

Photographs by Thomas Kläber

As part of the Görlitz photo festival “Schauplätze”, the exhibition is open to visitors from 06.10. – 01.11.20 in the gallery of the Fotomuseum, Löbauer Straße 7, Görlitz, Tue to Sun from 12:00-16:00.

Copyright Thomas Kläber

Life on the countryside

In spring 2020, Domowina publishing house in Bautzen introduced my new book “Land.Leben – Na jsy” to the public. The most important pictorial results covering my main topic of the last decades were thus beautifully put together. The photographs depict everyday life and the modest existence of ordinary people in a village environment.

The first pictures date back to 1968, in the meantime some of them are already “iconic” and describe a time which, in modesty, testifies to a satisfied and friendly community at work and at festivities in the southern part of Brandenburg. The illustrated book is presented photographically by this exhibition.


Born 1955 in Beyern (Elbe-Elster district), lives and works in Kolkwitz near Cottbus; member of the Brandenburg Association of Visual Artists, the German Society for Photography (DGPH) and the ASA group of photographers.

1976-1981 studies at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig; 1981 graduation as “Diplom-Fotografiker”; 1981-1983 additional studies at the HGB Leipzig (in the class of professor Helfried Strauß).

Selected publications:
2000 – Fürst Pückler Land (be.bra Verlag)
2006 – Dort senke dich auf ein Paradies (Kiepenheuer)
2007 – Wetterleuchten (ex pose Verlag)
2011 – Deutschland, Deutschland… (Kerber-Verlag)
2014 – Tanz (edition 365, ex pose Verlag)
2015 – Am Ende der Zeit (dkw. Kunstmuseum Cottbus)
2020 – Land.Leben – “Na jsy” (Domowina-Verlag)