Photographs by Wiebke Kahn

As part of the Görlitz photo festival “Schauplätze”, the exhibition is open to visitors from 10.09. – 01.11.20 in the gallery of the Fotomuseum, Löbauer Straße 7, Görlitz, Tue to Sun from 12:00-16:00.

Copyright Wiebke Kahn


Reflections – no matter what kind – have always had a fascinating and mysterious effect on me. That is why I often deal with this topic in my own artistic work.

Within the series “Mirage” intuition and rationality enter into a symbiotic relationship. I intentionally go in search of motifs, but I do not have a specific image in mind: I let myself drift, I am in “flow”, so to speak. Instinctively I know that the picture is there, I just have to find it.

The reflections interweave several image layers, which seemingly have no relation to each other. The visual language is surreal and enigmatic. People are only perceivable here as silhouettes or fragments. The viewer is almost challenged to risk more than a fleeting glance at the pictures in order to deal with their content.


Born in Berlin, member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists Berlin.

Exhibitions and publications (selection):
2007 Berlin – die Aktgalerie “Nudes and Literature”
2009 Berlin – ART TOWER art fair
2013 Berlin – Gallery Michaela Helfrich “Nighthawks”
2017 Portfolio / photographic magazine “Brennpunkt”
2018 Berlin – F37 Gallery “NYC: not only black and white”
2018 Görlitz – Museum of Photography Görlitz “REAL SURREALISM”
2018 Berlin – Recordings at SFB Laboratories during the Festival of Light
2019 Portfolio / “Sichtfotomagazin” no. 5
2019 Berlin – Kulturfabrik Moabit “That’s My Work 2.0”
2020 Berlin – “48 hours Neukölln” (online)- Corona Laboratories / Berlin