Vintage Mode 2.020

Photographs by Maike Hansen & Lisann Gebauer

As part of the Görlitz photo festival “Schauplätze” the exhibition is open for visitors from 06.10. – 01.11.20 at the FVKS (Förderverein Kulturstadt Görlitz-Zgorzelec e.v.), Untermarkt 23, Görlitz, Tue to Sun from 12:00-16:00.

Copyright Hansen / Gebauer

Vintage Mode 2.020

The students (1996/1997) of Culture and Technology use their favourite medium, photography, to describe how elements of past eras are reproduced in today’s youth culture.

A mixture of digital and analogue photography reveals how young adults pick up on past trends in order to trace an attitude to life that is perceived as familiar. In combination with advanced technologies, a completely new flair is created, which makes social and technical change processes visible. This variety of different stylistic elements is particularly noticeable in Berlin, where the majority of the pictures were taken. The decentralised nature of Berlin’s urban structure creates a wide variety of atmospheres, which are also tangible in the various places that the photographers have visited for this exhibition. The viewer is confronted with a feeling of nostalgia that unfolds new effects, especially in the presence of pandemic events. #vintage2020


Maike Hansen (*1996), born in Lübeck and grown up in Stralsund, currently studies “Culture and Technology” at the Technical University of Berlin. In her teenage years, she devoted her artistic interest mainly to painting and designing an annually art calendar. Already at the age of 14 she started to work more intensively with digital photography. Thanks to Lisann Gebauer she started to work with analogue photography in 2018. She is inspired by various encounters in the metropolian area and on journeys.

Lisann Gebauer (*1997), born in Kuala Lumpur and grown up in Bordeaux, New York and Berlin, currently studies “Culture and Technology” at the Technical University of Berlin. Since the age of twelve, she has been fascinated by photography, particularly in documenting travel experiences. For several years now she is photographing almost exclusively in analogue mode. In addition to her Instagram account, she publishes selected photographs on since 2019.