Foto: Henry Talarek, Klassischer Akt

Henry Talarek: Classic Nudes

Henry Talarek, born in 1966, is photographing since age of 7. At 14, he was given his first SLR camera. This was the reason for him to get deeper into photography, it became his passion.

He started with landscape photography, but soon discovered that people are more fascinating to him. Since 1998 he is involved in portrait and nude photography. Henry Talarek prefers working in the studio, sometimes outdoor or on location.

In addition to several solo exhibitions, e.g. at the “Kleine Galerie Weißwasser” and the Landratsamt Görlitz, he participated in the collective exhibition “Miteinander” at the Fotomuseum.

At the Energiefabrik zu Görlitz a part of his classic nudes photos he made during the last years is shown.