Photo by Marie Lukasiewicz

Marie Lukasiewicz: Let’s go swimming

After the war, with the advent of paid annual leaves, and the improvement of the purchasing power of French workers, the French middle class started to seek for outdoor activities. Since 1978, more than 140 sites have been developed for this purpose. Stands and water play areas were built…

When a child draws something in the sand, he does not leave any trace, as the wind will erase everything. On the opposite, playground’s infrastructures last over time. In winter, they’re the visual proof than the summer must have existed and will come back again.

Marie Lukasiewicz got interested in these areas during the low season, when bungalows watch the space between two blue buoys on the quiet water surface. Winter is a break for these landscapes, so Marie Lukasiewicz decided to go there exactly at this time, in order to catch these instants devoid of any people. Nature takes back its rights, the wind makes a few wrinkles on the water, and does not worry if this water is suitable for swimming or not.

Freelance photographer, Marie Lukasiewicz carry on an artistic work about landscape’s transformation by humans while working on commissions. She is particularly interested in the specific issues of environment’s pollution and profound mutations.